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Indiana Contractors Insurance

If you are looking for contractors insurance for any type of business you have found the right insurance agency!

Pathway Insurance is a leading independent agency offering low cost insurance for contractors in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky.

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Rates as low as $400 per Year for Indiana Contractors Insurance!

As an independent insurance agency we represent a number of top rated insurance carriers offering contractors insurance in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky.

For certain contractors we offer rates as low as $400 per year. Call 800-998-0662 to see if your business qualifies.

Not All Contractors Insurance Policies in Indiana Are the Same!

Did you know that not all contractors insurance policy are identical?   For instance one business insurance policy for contractors may be based on an occurrence policy form or it can be based on the claims made form.

What’s the difference?

The claims made policy extends coverage only while the policy is in force and the claim incident must occur during the policy period.

For example a lawsuit filed against a contractor for product and completed operations 2 years after their business closed would not be covered by the claims made policy form that was in force at the time because it is not in force at the time of the lawsuit.

In this scenario we are assuming the contractor allowed coverage to lapse mistakenly concluding the coverage was no longer necessary.

The Occurrence Indiana Contractors Insurance Policy is Superior Protection.

The occurrence policy form is different and better protection compared to the claims made policy form as it extends protection to your business from covered incidents that occur during the policy period regardless of when the claim is filed.

Which policy should you choose?  

Claims made insurance policies are usually less expensive compared to occurrence policies so it is important to balance what is more important.

Should you save money now by choosing the claims made policy form hoping a claim or lawsuit will never be filed against you?

Or choose the occurrence policy form to avoid paying potential significant out of pocket claims that may not be covered by the claims made policy form at a future time?

Please call 800-998-0662 to speak with one of our representatives to discuss which policy form is best for you or request online quotes by clicking on Cheap Contractors Insurance Indiana.

What Other Insurance Protection May Be Necessary for Your Business?

Please take note of the following types of insurance protection that may be important for your business:

Indiana Workers Compensation Insurance – Indiana workman compensation insurance coverage is required  by state law  unless you qualify for an exemption. If an employee or independent contractor later classified an employee is injured the business could be liable for medical, disability, and other benefits normally provided by Indiana Workers Compensation Insurance.

Call us at 800-998-0662 if you need Indiana workers compensation insurance quotes. Quotes are also available in Michigan and Kentucky.

Insurance for Contractors Tools Indiana – Some insurance companies will offer a special rider covering hand tools with a minimum deductible applied.  An inland marine policy or endorsement on your general liability policy will be necessary for most portable equipment.  Call us at 800-998-0662 for more information.

Commercial Auto Insurance Indiana – If you use your personal vehicle(s) in your business you may need commercial auto insurance. Don’t assume your personal auto policy will extend coverage if you cause an accident driving to and from your work site, especially if employees drive your vehicles!

We offer very low pricing for commercial automobile insurance in Indiana. Call 800-998-0662 for commercial automobile quotes.

Commercial Bonds Indiana – Need surety, contract, license, performance, or permit bonds? Call 800-998-0662.

Types of Contractors We Insure?

We offer insurance for nearly every type of contractor. Please examine the list below:

  • Roofing contractors insurance Indiana
  • Insurance for HVAC contractors Indiana
  • Indiana Landscapers Insurance        
  • Handyman insurance Indiana
  • Building contractors insurance Indiana
  • Painting contractors insurance Indiana
  • Indiana electricians insurance
  • Plumbers insurance Indiana
  • Insurance for carpenters Indiana
  • Artisan contractors insurance Indiana
  • Indianapolis roofing insurance
  • Insurance for HVAC contractors Indianapolis

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